a month on

hi folks

Well thats me a month on shopify, its been a lot of hard work and still more of the same to come.  the biggest issue i have is that i already sell on other platforms and have decided to try going out on my own rather than paying the likes of amazon, eBay etc etc mad fees for selling my goods.  So because of that i have a lot of stock to get loaded up.

But there is an upside to that, because its been a while since i initially uploaded a lot of my items and maybe its about time i done an edit and tidied things up with better images, descriptions etc.

The downside though is that i am trying to set this up whilst running my other interests so i don't have the free time that i would like to dedicate to getting this site up and running 100% it is without a doubt going to take a lot longer than i ever expected.

I have to say that the first month has been a bit of a disappointment, little in the way of sales despite running a few paid campaigns so paying for ads on top of the shoplift standard monthly fees is quickly eating into the budget i set aside to fund this new venture.

Well never mind time to get listing again and hope that you all like what you see and perhaps make a purchase in the future

all the best



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