Charles Rennie MacKintosh

As alert readers will notice a lot of my stock is based on the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh mainly because i love his designs and works.  I first became acquainted with MacKintosh a number of years ago when i was studying engineering and had to do a project on architecture.

Needless to say as a Glasgow boy myself and still living in the city i soon became aware of some of MacKintosh's famous buildings such as Glasgow School of Art, The Willow Tearooms, Hill House, Queen's Cross Church, Scotland Street School to name but a few.  The interest in architecture suddenly spread and i became a lover of all things MacKintosh so when i started out on this project and opened a jewellery shop it seemed like a natural progression to focus on MacKintosh and Celtic designs as both are closely linked.

MacKintosh nimself was Glasgow born, 7 June 1868 in Townhead and passed on 10 December 1928 in London.   A Scottish architect, designer  and artist he became synonymous  with European Symbolism and influenced movements such as Art Nouveau and Secessionism. 

His designs inspired many artists and became almost instantly recognisable in the jewellery circles with many prominent makers depicting and producing his works in a variety of ways from pendants, to quaichs to earrings, the list of MacKintosh inspired items is virtually endless.

So thats my brief history and love affair with Charles Rennie MacKintosh and his works, i hope you like his works as much as i do.  Please have a look at my store to see if there are any items by MacKintosh that catch your eye.


Bob Flynn
PhotoCrafts Limited

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