New Year, New Start

Well thats the business been going for just over a year now. Its been a slow build,  Took a while to get Amazon sorted out and running itself, got act going and now its. matter of looking for new lines and a broader range of product, but that aside its paying its way and turning a profit.

Ebay got going to compliment Amazon which allowed the business to look at the used, vintage and antique markets to broaden the company profile.  That is coming along nicely after finding some great suppliers for the antique, vintage and collectable merchandise.  Ebay now starting to look after itself too now.

So it was a difficult first year in business but hopefully now laid a solid foundation to take the company forward to ventures new and see some profit going into the bank.

so this ear sees two new ventures, firstly I wanted more face toffee contact, actually selling. to people but my own shop isn't feasible for the moment so I elected to get a couple of display cabinets in antique centres.  I am now in Flemings Antique centre in Inverkeithing and also the Garrion Bridge Centre in Lanark. 

Just started with them so at the moment its stocking up the cabinets and doing some trial and error to see what does and doesn't sell and finding that all important price point.  So my time and effort is concentrating on getting these up and running and turning a profit.

finally its time to get this Shopify up and running too, facebook ads working to drive people to the site and make purchases and a similar procedure on esty to open up the antique venture.

So its and exciting year ahead, new ventures, hard work and lets hope it all pays off.



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