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Hi folks,

Well having been on other well known selling sites for some considerable time i decided it was time to start or at least try and develop my own shop instead of paying incredible monthly fees and high commissions to some of these shelton's who care about nothing more than lining their own pockets let alone worrying about buyers or sellers on their sites.

I hope that with my own shop i can provide better customer service, cheaper prices and a more focussed customer orientation rather than being hamstrung by the plethora of rules and regulations, do's and don'ts of the other sites which are designed mainly of their own benefit.

My idea is to provide a service that give customers confidence and quality in the product without the need for expensive middle men that only push the prices up for the consumer. 

Also i want to interact with my customers, i want to find out what items they want, how they want them, and offer a wide range of items across the price range effectively providing something for everyone, from the lower priced fashion fun jewellery and accessories to the more serious and expensive. 

I don't expect to achieve this overnight nor in a few weeks, i know it will be a slow process with no doubt many mistakes along the way but thats where i need customers input to guide the path and direction my project goes in the longer terms.

So i will wish myself luck and welcome you in advance to my shop with the hope you will find something to catch your eye and if nothing else see you back to do some more surfing as i upload more and more stock.

Best Regards

Bob Flynn
PhotoCrafts Limited.

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