You, Your Jewellery and Your Holiday Insurance

Did you know that your precious jewellery may not be covered by your holiday insurance?

Well travel insurance cover for jewelry is generally constrained to the theft or loss of a traveler’s jewelry. Even at that there is limitations and your claim for the theft, or loss, of jewellery may be limited to as low as £100, of course depending on the quality (or cost) of your travel insurance. 

But even if you are lucky to have adequate insurance there is the hassle of the endless form filling, valuations, phone calls, proof you owned the item and had it with you and thats before the long wait for payouts.  Ohh By the way, do you still actually have the original receipt, you may be asked for that or your claim may be rejected.  Of course even reimbursement cannot cover teh emotional loss of more intimate items such as wedding rings, special gifts, daily hierlooms.

So we have to ask the question, do you really want to take your family jewels on holiday or would it be more sensible to make a purchase of some cheaper items to flaunt on the beach or the captain's top table. 

In today's market, there is a myriad of very nice attractive and striking jewellery available at very reasonable, if not cheap, cost.

For general beach and street ware there are some excellent quality and very striking donut pendants on the Amazon market that will suit that need beautifully.  These pendants are ideal for the purpose and are very popular on Amazon.  Perhaps for the evening wear something a little classy would be appreciated and indeed for that special formal dinner adding a little sparkle to catch the eye won't go amiss.  

If one surveys the Amazon online market one is able to come up with a vast selection of very acceptable pieces for under £100 and many more a lot cheaper for the one-off occasions.  At photocrafts we think that some of these items fit that holiday bill beautifully and still look the part whilst protecting that precious and irreplaceable heirloom. 



here are some of our picks for this summer that won't break the bank

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