Polished Scottish Pewter Quaich engraved

Polished Scottish Pewter Quaich engraved "Friendship, Love and loyalty"

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This beautiful fine quality handcrafted Polished Pewter Quaich, is engraved in Gaelic and English.

"Friendship, Love and Loyalty"

  This is the perfect gift for all occasions and comes in two sizes,

SMALL, which is 2.5 inches from handle to handle (£29.99)
LARGE, which is 3.5 inches from handle to handle (£49.99)

The Quaich is beautifully finished with traditional Celtic knowtwork design to make a truly memorable gift that will last a lifetime.  Comes complete with a quality padded luxury presentation and display box.  

The item is designed and hand crafted by one of Scotland's leading Pewter manufacturers and last remaining Pewtermill based in the West of Scotland making the item both traditional and authentically Scottish.

The quaich, pronounced 'quake' or "drinking bowl" is an ancient Scottish artefact, which was traditionally manufactured in timber but the general form has not changed for centuries. The term quaich emerged in the mid-16th century, from the Scottish Gaelic word cuach, meaning cup.

The drinking cup originated in the Highlands of Scotland, where clan chiefs presented them as a token of hospitality, they have been used across Scotland for centuries as a cup of friendship.

Today it is rarely used as a drinking vessel, but rather it is a symbol of welcome, friendship and kinship. Its two handles signify trust, both on the part of the giver and the receiver.

(excerpt from the Daily Telegraph: 25 JANUARY 2017)